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We've thoroughly reviewed the offering documents of over 150 EB-5 qualified investments. If you're looking for an efficient and simple way to compare EB-5 investments, our Investment Platform, expertise and guidance can help.

The green card by investment (EB-5) program, currently requires a minimum investment of $500,000 in a new commercial enterprise that creates 10 jobs, and is potentially the fastest way to a Green Card.

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EB-5 Investment Platform highlights

  • Access to our highest-rated investments
  • Compare investments — simply and quickly
  • Industry-leading due diligence by EB5 Diligence
  • Immigration & financial scores (0-10) for each investment
  • Constant support from our multilingual staff

What EB-5 immigration lawyers say
about our due diligence

What impressed me most about EB5 Diligence was their report hit all the essential bases with clearly defined investigative parameters. Site visits, interviews with managers, background checks, financial analysis illustrated by graphs and charts make the EB5 Diligence report an excellent tool for a prospective investor. All findings, whether positive or negative are presented in a professional and easy to understand manner. EB5 Diligence has set a sound standard for the regional centre industry to follow. img

David Anderson, Immigration Lawyer

Former president of IIUSA, the EB-5
national trade association Washington, DC

I contacted the team at EB5 Diligence when we were under a time deadline to file an EB-5 petition. They spent the time to review various investment options one of which was eventually selected by our client. This process allowed me and my co-counsel to focus on the legal issues relating to the EB-5 process while EB5 Diligence was advising the client on project selection. I found Kurt and his team to be highly professional and responsive to our needs and have no hesitation in recommending them to others. img

David Gardner, Immigration Lawyer

American Immigration Law, Los
Angeles CA

EB5 Diligence has been able to comprehensively, intelligently and visually integrate all the components most needed for investors to make an informed decision on a EB-5 qualified project. Their ability to create a workable readable platform is second to none. img

Larry Behar, Immigration Lawyer

Behar Law, Aventura Florida

What Investors say about us


Guy Compton

I feel fortunate that I used EB5 Deals as my consultant in choosing which investment vehicle to buy into for my i-526 application. Kurt Reuss and his team are efficient, professional and their advice and help given is supportive. I did not feel that I was being manipulated. The online deal platform is straightforward and user friendly and in my opinion their due diligence on the potential investments is accurate and impartial. Both my Attorney and I, are confident of a successful I-526 application and eventual return of my invested funds. I highly recommend this company.


Sharad Reddy

EB5 deals was the only platform which listed the best projects on the market and unambiguously listed the pros and cons. It cut through the noise, gave me the facts in a digestible form.


Kunal Hemant Muchhala

The Deal Platform is very organized and easy to use. All information related to the recommended Projects, including the due diligence reports, Regional Center information and the latest status of the I-526 applications, is all available in one place. This makes it easy to pick the right Project as well as to track changes and updates to the Project throughout the petition filing process, through to the end of construction.


Prince Igwe

You made the investment decision seamless with the great system/software you have.

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